Telematically controlled Queueparking

More parking space through intelligent use of traffic areas

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The challenge

As the volume of freight traffic on motorways continues to increase, there is a growing lack of parking spaces for breaks and rest times.

As for the expansion of conventional parking facilities

  • the development of conventional parking space availability is very low
  • an additional acquisition of land is complex and expensive
  • and required planning and approval procedures are very time consuming,

smart parking management is a good alternative.

Main advantages:

  • additional land purchase is not required
  • significantly less planning effort
  • as a result, the establishment of additional parking space is easier to realise.

The procedure

Queueparking is a modern telematic parking space management concept that optimizes the parking space of existing parking and rest areas by up to 50%.

The trucks are parking close to another, spread over several rows, sorted by departure time. At the entrance, they are given an appropriate slot based on the length of the truck and the duration of the desired parking time.

By means of dynamic displays, the vehicles are guided to an appropriate parking slot.


Technical implementation

The control algorithm is an essential factor that contributes to the success of Queueparking.

At the entrance, the incoming vehicle is measured with a laser scanner. At the same time, the license plate is scanned and checked for dangerous goods. This is also done at the exit from the car park to detect vehicles that are leaving earlier and to clear the parking for others.

The parking lanes are equipped with laser scanners to determine the remaining length of the row. Hereby the most efficient parking position can be found not only by the departure time, but also by the length of the vehicles.

Live preview

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